Discover Your Path to a Simple Happy Homeschool

You’ve decided to bring a holistic approach to your homeschool. You’re a dedicated and loving parent - ready to grow, connect, and really show up for your family. (You inspire me!)

At the same time, you might feel uncertain how to bring it all together...

I know I sure did! I even felt overwhelmed from time to time - or maybe much of the time! 

Handwork + Stories

Our December Focus

Create a simpler structure for homeschooling in December with Handwork + Stories. We have over 15 book and project pairings for you to choose from. Great for the whole family and all ages together.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

It’s not just you. In the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with homeschooling moms, every one of them wonders, “Am I doing it right?” Or, “Am I doing enough?” Or even, “Am I capable of doing this at all?” 

And to top it off, they feel a bit lonely, too.

Perhaps you’ve tried different curriculums and they just fell flat. Or, you’ve pulled your child out of school and wonder, “Now what?” 

Maybe you’ve even been struggling to bring the lessons alive in your home for a few years. 

You know what you want: to bring a sense of inspiration and connection to your family. You want to experience nature, the arts, and joy on the homeschooling path!

You thought the answer was figuring out which curriculum to buy... 

But now you’ve bought all the curriculum and resources, the art supplies and books. And they haven’t given you exactly what you need. They haven’t resolved your issues. 

You still have so many questions!

Make homeschooling work for your unique family. Find your own inspiration and joy.

With a monthly focus, a library of Masterclasses, and weekly group Coaching Calls, you’ll get the support you need to bring your children a beautiful homeschooling experience month after month. 

Plus, a private Facebook group for questions and conversations with other homeschooling parents on the journey.

We help you toggle between planning meaningful activities for your children and doing the lessons. With lots of laughter and lots of honesty.

Because the magical missing piece is support for the doing

You can't buy this in a curriculum. 

Let homeschooling be uncomplicated and easier to implement!

But Don't Just Take My Word for It!

See what others are saying...

“Inspired at Home and all the passion and experience, inspiration and humility that Jean brings has been the #1 support in our Homeschooling over the last 5 Years!”

~ Chandra, homeschooling mother of two

“The live Coaching Calls are my favorite part. I know I am not the only one who leaves uplifted and significantly less anxious than before the call began. Jean is lovely, helpful, and gives you the confidence you need to do this.”

~Jen, homeschooling mother of three

“Jean's masterclasses have been so encouraging! I've been homeschooling for 10 years and having this support is so amazing. It's like a little gift to myself! I love how Jean emphasizes the advantages of homeschooling and building a strong connection with your kids. ”

~Sarah, homeschooling mother of four

“Not being alone in this homeschooling endeavor is invaluable. Jean’s teaching and wealth of knowledge paired with a dedicated virtual time and place to plan with others has been a real game changer for me. Jean encourages you to steer your own ship. She’s like a little bit of Waldorf magic that always shows up at just the right moment. ”

~Eshanne, homeschooling mother of two

Here's What You Get Each Month...

  • Coaching

    Three LIVE group calls a month for specific recommendations and encouragement in a warm and loving community. Reflection Calls, Q&A, and Plan Alongs. Plus replays.

  • Classes

    A new focus each month on one particular aspect of homeschooling. Masterclasses include video and audio lessons plus guides. Access to ALL previous masterclasses, too!

  • Community

    An amazingly supportive community of inspired homeschooling parents giving you a place to share the journey, get ideas, and encouragement.

  • Verses & Songs

    A collection of verses and songs for each month of the year from Jean's personal favorites - seasonal and versatile with audio recordings of the songs.

Hey There, Homeschooler...

Hi, I'm Jean, experienced homeschool educator and homeschooling mentor. I started homeschooling our three kids back in the 1990s - yup, awhile ago! Now they're all grown up. 💜

I have a Master of Arts in Teaching and have taught in public and private schools. I experimented with various educational methods and settings, but when I discovered Waldorf education -- that was it for me.

And when I brought it home to my own children, it was the most magical (and challenging) time of my life!

During the last 14 years, I've helped hundreds of parents find their way to thriving in homeschooling, no matter what approach they use. It has been such a joy.

In 2013, I founded Art of Homeschooling (previously Waldorf-Inspired Learning) where I offer online courses, coaching, planning tools, an online membership community, and in-person retreats for Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers.

I live in northeastern Ohio with my husband where I love to hike, sing, read, and cook!

I feel incredibly honored to support so many families in homeschooling, parenting, and forging connections with our children.

These Masterclasses Await You...

Get access to them ALL + new ones as they come out!

Each Masterclass has 3-6 video or audio lessons along with an Action Guide to help you implement the strategies. BONUSES give you additional support and real-life examples. Get it all for just $37/month! Everything is available to you as long as you remain a member. No long-term commitment. You can stay as long as you like and cancel anytime.

Geography Through the Grades

Geography integrates just about all the subjects! You can weave in history, social studies, language arts, and science. With this masterclass, you'll understand the reasons behind why we study geography and gather lots of possibilities for how.

Science Through the Grades

Guest teacher, Rebecca Christie, takes you on a journey of science through the grades, exploring what and how to bring science to children in engaging ways for grades 1-8 and beyond. Demonstration lessons with Rebecca and one of her kiddos!

Skills Development

So often, homeschoolers wonder how to teach skills while also bringing main lesson stories. This masterclass shows you how to observe your child, decide what skills to bring, and then plan a lesson. Sample lessons included.

Teaching & Learning with Games

Games are both fun and educational. In this masterclass, we'll explore how to incorporate games for language arts, math, and movement into your homeschool day.

Being at Your Best as a Parent

In this masterclass based on the book Being at Your Best When Your Kids Are at Their Worst by Kim John Payne, Jean offers audio summaries of each section of the book as well as tools and practices to help us be present and compassionate parents.

Accepting Our Children

We want to be able to see our children for who they are. And to accept who they are. That’s the starting point for deciding what lessons to bring them. Learn specific key strategies for acceptance and observation in this masterclass.

Making Main Lesson Books

Ever wonder why main lesson books are created to record the learning? How do they further our learning goals and how are they made? Let's explore how main lesson books can help bring the learning alive in your homeschool.

Simplicity Parenting

Together we explore how the extraordinary power of less can help us raise calmer, happier, and more secure kids. Based on the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

Reset Your Rhythm

Learn a simple process for getting back your rhythm after the holidays, at the start of a new homeschooling year, or after a particularly busy season of life.

History Through the Grades

Come explore history through the grades where we look at what is history and how to bring it to children in engaging ways for grades 1-8 and beyond.

The Art of Teaching

So often in our homeschool planning, we focus on what main lesson blocks to teach and when. But what about HOW to teach? Come explore the role of the teacher, how to use the curriculum, and teaching tips for the homeschooling parent.

Plan It Out

Learn the 6 steps to planning an awesome homeschooling year. Create your block plan, weekly and daily rhythms, and lessons. Plus craft a plan for taking care of yourself and setting up your home environment for homeschooling.

The Summer Reset

During the month of June or whenever your homeschool year ends, take some time to gather the work, celebrate, rejuvenate yourself, and then create what's next.

Build Your Own Blocks

Let's explore three different ways to build a main lesson block – around a specific topic, around one book, or around a project. After this masterclass, you’ll be able to create blocks from scratch for your children.

Homeschooling Through High School

This masterclass will help you envision what high school might look like at your house. We’ll start with an overview of the teen years, then dive into the logistics of homeschooling high school, and then how to design your high school plan.

Kindergarten at Home

Come explore the key principles and wonderful ways to bring a Waldorf kindergarten into your home. We'll dive into toys, rhythm, storytelling and more.

Math Through the Grades

Join me for a journey of math through the grades where we'll explore math goals, benchmarks, topics and skills practice for grades 1-8 and beyond.

Language Arts Through the Grades

Learn how to teach the language arts with the Waldorf approach from Kindergarten through High School.

Celebrating Festivals

Bring festival celebrations to your family. You can liven up your family's celebrations and plan your own festival celebrations with ease.

Nourishing Ourselves

Taking care of ourselves as a homeschooling parent is a simple concept but one that often gets overlooked. In this masterclass, we explore self-compassion, self-care, and self-discovery as keys to expanding our intuition and imagination.

Handwork + Stories

The Handwork + Stories masterclass gives you a simplified lesson structure for the holiday season or just busy times in your life. You'll find over a dozen stories paired with a handwork project inside this.

Anatomy of a Main Lesson

Learn all about the building blocks and anatomy of both Main Lesson Blocks and Main Lessons so that you can design your own.

Teach Music at Home

Learn how to bring music to your homeschool, even if you're unsure of yourself. Guest instructor Jodie Mesler of Living Music teaches you step-by-step about listening, rhythm and song, plus gives you the framework for designing a music lesson plan.

Nature Study with Children

Discover why and how to do nature study with your children. It's a great mixed ages activity and one that can be done as a block or with weekly outings.

Waldorf Art for Beginners

Gain skills in the basics of Waldorf art with Robyn & Brian Wolfe of Waldorfish. Explore watercolor painting, block crayon drawing, and chalkboard drawing ALL with a lighthearted fun approach!

Creating the Space for Homeschooling

Come gather ideas for your homeschooling space - to organize your curriculum, resources, and supplies and create an environment that's conducive to teaching and learning.

Why Waldorf Works

Here we uncover the principles behind the Waldorf approach - from honoring play in early childhood to engaging children in hands-on learning with the lively arts - and explore why these make for such effective learning.

Waldorf at 100

The first Waldorf school opened 100 years ago in September of 1919. This masterclass gives you outlines of the curriculum from that first school along with reflections on the curriculum from a homeschooling perspective.

Simplicity Holidays

Learn how to bring your family's values and hopes to life during the holidays. Find ways to reduce stress on your children and yourself in order to make more room for connection, creativity and relaxation.

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Gain Confidence in a Welcoming Space

Imagine... being free of self-doubt and negative self-talk. 

Free of information overwhelm and ready to understand how to use the curriculum and resources you already have. 

What would it be like if holistic homeschooling was simple and doable? 

And you could have the confidence and clarity to bring beautiful engaging lessons to your children?

You don’t have to pursue homeschooling in a rigid way. 

You have options. 

Come join a committed, lovely, and supportive group of homeschoolers in Inspired at Home. 

I want you to feel good about yourself again!

This community is a warm and welcoming place to get the support you need. You can join for one month at a time, or a full year. Your choice. 

I’d love to see you on the inside.


  • Is Inspired at Home a curriculum?

    This is NOT a curriculum. This is a monthly membership community where you can get the training, guidance, and support you need as you go. I can help you develop the specific skills you need to use the curriculum and resources you have. You’re never left alone to figure it out on your own. Because the magical missing piece is support for the doing. You can't buy this in a curriculum. Focus. Accountability. Guidance. Support. And a whole bunch of hugs to go along with it.

  • How much does it cost to join?

    You can join Inspired at Home for just $37 per month. This is a recurring fee unless you cancel. Or you can join for $370 per year which gives you two months free! You can join at any time and cancel at any time.

  • Can I pay annually?

    Yes! You can pay $370 for an annual membership - that way you get two months free!

  • I’m just starting to homeschool. Is this good for newbies?

    Absolutely! Wherever you are on your journey, I can help you make your homeschooling life work for you, in a gentle and doable way.

  • I’ve been homeschooling for years. Is this good for seasoned homeschoolers?

    For sure! This community will give you the strength you need to sustain homeschooling over many years. I can help you re-engage with your children in new ways and bring back the joy.

  • What’s inside the Masterclasses?

    Each Masterclass has 3-6 lessons depending on the topic. Most of the lessons are videos or audios that you can watch or listen to whenever it's convenient for you. There's also an Action Guide to go along with most Masterclass to help you take action on what you're learning. (Plus Bonuses!) We choose a new focus each month. You have access to all masterclasses as long as you remain a member.

  • What if I join and find it’s not for me…can I get a refund?

    Yes, of course. Once you join, you have 30 days to claim a refund if you feel like Inspired at Home hasn’t offered you any value. You can also cancel anytime if you find this mentorship community is no longer serving you.

  • When are the Coaching Calls? What if I can’t join in LIVE?

    We have three group Coaching Calls a month, on the first Tuesday, second Wednesday, and third Thursday of the month at varying times (either 1pm, 2pm, or 3pm ET). You can join in LIVE plus all REPLAYS are available inside of our Learning Studio for watching ANYTIME!

  • Is this only for Waldorf homeschoolers?

    Nope! While I LOVE the principles and methods in the Waldorf educational approach, these classes, coaching calls, and the community support are for ANY homeschooling approach. You'll find that the content in Inspired at Home is easily translatable to other approaches and enriching to whatever methods you use. And I promise - absolutely no dogma and purism in this membership! All approaches are welcomed and supported, as I believe Rudolf Steiner would have wanted. What we unite under in Inspired at Home is considering the whole child when we teach them ~ their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. A nourishing, holistic approach to teaching and learning.