You can feel at peace.

This 3-week journey will be an opportunity to transform your beliefs about yourself and your homeschooling.

You can expand beyond reaction-mode and limiting beliefs to honor your true values.

This is the “thinking- feeling-willing” process that Rudolf Steiner (founder of Waldorf education) talks about. 

What you’ll get in Inner Work Journey is a simple way to work with your own mind and develop practices that guide your thoughts in day to day life.

You’ll walk away feeling empowered to become the parent you know you can be. 

Homeschooling isn’t just all about our children.

We’re on a journey of self-discovery, too!

What we’ll discover together…

Inner work is a way to make space for yourself, to take care of yourself, to rediscover your inner spark. So you can show up as yourself and find joy and wonder in your homeschooling life.

Week 1: Self-Compassion 

Why do we blame ourselves or others when things don’t go as planned? In this first Gathering, we’ll start our journey by learning how to accept our circumstances no matter what they are. And practice fully accepting ourselves exactly as we are. Because our own well-being begins with self-compassion. But in the midst of our homeschooling lives, we often put ourselves last. Learn to trust yourself and take care of yourself. So you have a store of inner strength to draw on every day.

Week 2: Self-Talk

Inner work is not about simply trying to think positive thoughts. If we push away and avoid unpleasant thoughts and feelings, we tend to stay stuck rather than work through them. Then when life gets challenging (and it does!), we often think it’s because we’re just not trying hard enough. The old thoughts and negative self-talk resurface time and time again. Let’s discover how to look deeper and truly understand the soul message underneath. We have the power to guide our thoughts and self-talk. Let’s find out how!

Week 3: Self-Preservation

It’s hard to set and hold boundaries with love. You’ll learn how to create and hold emotional space for your family without losing yourself. In this Gathering, you’ll discover how to build confidence so you can ignite your intuition and stop doubting yourself, your truth, and your path. By tuning in to vulnerability and limitations, you’ll find your way forward on your Inner Work Journey. 

The Inner Work Journey includes:

  • 3 Gatherings with teaching + Q&A (90 minute replays, video  + audio)
  • 3 Audio Meditations for you to download and listen to anytime
  • 3 Reflection Worksheets for in between our gatherings

Hi, I'm Jean

And I'll be your guide for the journey.

In case we haven't met yet... Hi! I’m Jean Miller, a mother of three now-grown children. We homeschooled for 25+ years!

I love helping parents start where they are and feel good about themselves.

As I reflect back on previous years of Inner Work Journey, I am amazed at the breakthroughts and tender awarenesses that arose. 

Inner work for homeschooling parents is at the core of my mission and I am truly honored to get to serve you.

Journey Goers' Experiences...

One of the biggest things that changed in my life after Inner Work Journey was being patient with myself and giving myself more grace. When things don’t go according to plan, in homeschooling or just in parenting in general, I’m just so much less harsh on myself and more gentle with myself. It’s just a much nicer place to live!”
~ Justine

As I reflect back over the past year, this experience really solidified the importance of taking time to care for myself. I make time every day now to do something creative and that’s part of my inner work. I know that I’m worth it and that I’m actually born with that right to give myself that time. The Inner Work Journey was really what brought it all together for me.
~ Maxime

As my kids got older and I realized how depleted I was becoming, I realized... Oh, inner work! Right. So I need to sustain myself for this homeschooling work I'm doing. It's not just all give, give, give. We have to be rejuvenated and feel like we're getting something from the experience, too. 

~ Carly

Before joining Inner Work Journey, I felt overwhelmed and like I was never doing enough. I had no idea how many emotions I had been holding back just to manage through my days. During this journey, I was able to work through some of the more difficult thoughts and patterns that I was stuck in. Jean is a fantastic cheerleader and teacher. She will reach your soul and help you see the best version of yourself. 
~ Megan


These bonuses are just the sweetest to take with you!

Kriya Practice for Self Love with Allison Manzer

Alison leads us through a short yoga sequence with breath and movement to incorporate into a daily inner work practice. Certified in Kundalini yoga, Alison teaches yoga to teens in Austin, TX.

Poems for Parenting

Enjoy this beautiful collection of poems to light the path as you journey inward.

Songs for the Journey Playlist

We've created a playlist of nourishing songs for your Inner Work Journey. Over 20 beautiful songs to bring you comfort and inspiration over on Spotify, plus 6 more songs from Jean’s singing group, Heartsong.

Yoga as Inner Work: A Conversation with Allison & Jean

Yoga and inner work both invite us to get quiet. Listen in as Alison and Jean talk about how yoga can help center us so we can be more accepting of our circumstances and be more present as we go about our days.

Bonus Live Calls with Eshanne Anderson

After our 3 weeks together, Eshanne invites you to join her for 2 additional live gatherings for continuted conversations in a nourishing sacred space and sharing from the heart. Eshanne leads inner work workshops at the Taproot Teacher Training, and is just so lovely and so good at keeping it real! You're in for a treat.


Are these live gatherings or recordings? 

The journey is no longer offered live but is available to all members of the Inspired at Home community. When you join Inspired at Home, you get immediate access to a library of masterclasses including Inner Work Journey. 

Send an email to [email protected] .