About Jean Miller

Jean Miller is the mother of three (almost) grown children. She's a long-time homeschooler and enthusiastic Waldorf mentor. 

Jean began her teaching career almost 30 years ago teaching high school English in the public school classroom. When her first two children were preschool-age, she discovered Waldorf education. And when the time came to start school, she chose homeschooling. Jean has taught in a wide range of settings including public, private, and parochial schools, small homeschooling groups, and she has homeschooled all three of her children. She has an M.A.T (Master of Arts in Teaching) and a BA in English. 

The Miller Family Today

Jean's Mission

Jean aims to empower and inspire homeschooling parents to succeed at Waldorf homeschooling by making it practical, doable, and sustainable. She incorporates her work as a Simplicity Parenting coach into all of her homeschool mentoring, especially the concept of focusing on one, small doable change at a time.