You Really Can Enjoy Homeschooling!

Dear Homeschooling Parent,

I see you in your commitment to this path. 

You’re striving to bring beauty and wonder to your children, even if you don’t know exactly how you’ll do it yet...

You just KNOW that holistic education is what’s right for your family.

So here you are! Wondering how to make sense of all the blogs, resources, and curriculum out there...

You might be feeling overwhelmed by all the materials you’ve purchased. Or not quite sure how to put together a lesson.

It’s challenging to wrap your mind around all the pieces + parts of homeschooling! 

And then to create a cohesive actionable plan you truly feel confident about.


Your plan needs to meet YOU, your children, and your family right where you are.

So between methodology, mindset, and coming up with your plan - you probably could use some help.

And that’s okay! It’s not your fault if you haven’t quite settled into your role as home educator…

You’ve taken on a mighty task.

All is not lost if you’re overwhelmed, behind, or confused. 

A few years ago, I conducted a survey of homeschoolers and here’s what I learned: the #1 challenge that homeschoolers face is, by far, feeling like they just can’t quite “bring it all together.” 

Homeschool parents often feel disempowered…what with managing lessons, household chores, and maybe even just a little self-care?!

If you’re struggling, you are not alone. AND, please know, there IS a way forward.

You do NOT need to:

X  Study all the books and philosophy to get started...

X  Implement someone else’s 700-page curriculum…
X  Feel stressed today, tomorrow, or any day moving forward with your beautiful homeschool life.

Take a deep breath and know that SIMPLICITY is on your side and will sustain this wondrous journey you’re on. 

You deserve joy and ease in your homeschool.

I believe in you and I believe in simplicity. Take a look at everything on this page because it’s based on 26 years of homeschooling my kiddos and 14 years of mentoring hundreds of homeschoolers. 

There is an art and science to this path and I really feel I’ve cracked the code, my friend.

Above all else - YOU have got this!

💜 Jean


Homeschool Simplicity Bundle

The essential methods & mindset you need to sustain the homeschool life you truly desire.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! 

Here’s what you’ll get with the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle


1) How to Bring It All Together Training

Get instant access and discover how to make SIMPLICITY work for your family consistently over time, while reducing overwhelm and increasing your joy. This is where I answer the #1 question homeschoolers have: “How do I bring it all together?” Including:

  • The tried and true process for creating positive doable changes, again and again
  • How to scale things back when life just isn’t flowing
  • How to build on successes in a sustainable way so you can feel good about yourself and the direction you’re guiding your family

This training will help you get a handle on your specific life situation, even if you’re overwhelmed and just don’t know where to begin. Whether you’re new to homeschooling, a little more experienced, or a seasoned home educator ~ you can gain a lot of peace and hope from just this one piece of the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle.

2) Homeschool Simplicity eBook

Receive this newly revised 32-page 2022 Third Edition GUIDE to homeschooling with simplicity. Gain a deep understanding of how “less is more” along with the nuts and bolts to building a well-rounded homeschool life.

  • Understand the essence of what education even is so you’re not in the dark as a homeschool parent
  • Understand the stages of child development to guide your overall approach, year by year
  • Discover how to customize your plan
  • Gain clarity about rhythm, block learning, and planning to save a huge amount of time
  • The 3 ways you can homeschool multiple ages
  • What to do when things get tough

This is a reference guide to last you through the years showing you how to craft a homeschool that’s simple and doable so you can actually enjoy your time with your kids! No need to reinvent the wheel or experience unneeded turmoil, when Homeschool Simplicity brings you the wisdom of a Waldorf-inspired approach combined with my decades of experience as a homeschooler and mentor.

3) Holistic Planning Pack

Download 14 printable PDFs in full color, and 14 editable Google Docs which can help you organize every aspect of your homeschool. These are BEAUTIFUL, practical, and flexible!

  • The Academic Year Calendar
  • 4 Big Picture Plans to choose from (for noting your festivals, holidays, blocks, etc.)
  • A Block Overview template for brainstorming stories and the arts you want to bring
  • A Block Lessons template to note final details
  • Weekly Rhythm Charts
  • Weekly Lessons
  • A “Learning That Happened This Week” note-taking sheet (for when the plan goes haywire, but learning still happens!)
  • Notes & Reflections worksheets
  • Weekend Journal Pages to prepare you for the upcoming week
  • ALL of the above templates are available as PDFs and EDITABLE Google Docs

The Art of Homeschooling Team poured their heart and soul into these beautiful templates so that homeschoolers can fall in love with their planning process. Definitely worth the price just to get these!

Did someone say bonuses?!

That would be me! 😊 Please enjoy these bonuses with the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle.

Block Outlines for Grades 1-8

Here is where the Art of Homeschooling Team provides examples of how you could plan literally ALL possible blocks for ALL of your homeschool years - Grades 1 to 8 - in a SIMPLE and DOABLE way.

  • 17 pages of topic and resource suggestions that meet your WHOLE child right where he/she is
  • Developmentally nourishing themes, books, and stories

Think about these EIGHT years’ worth of Block Outlines as a huge hug from the previous generation of homeschoolers. We want you to relax and be taken care of. Another offering from our hearts to yours!

Minimum Viable Homeschool Day Training

Want to know how much you need to do in your homeschool day to call it good?! This 7-minute training will help you keep things SUPER simple. 

  • Discover why the LAST thing you need is a complicated plan when life gets challenging
  • Learn my 20-20-20 rule of thumb for what a fine and good homeschool day can consist of

This training will help you stay realistic and remember that connection and simplicity outshine busyness any day of the week!

Simplicity Change Process

The Simplicity Change Process Video + PDF shows you visually what you are going through when you try to make a change in your life. There’s a stuck cycle and a regenerative cycle! Learn key elements to actually move forward through the change process. Revisit 5 questions to keep you floating along as your family improves! This pairs well with the Minimum Viable Homeschool Day training.

"I feel more at ease with our homeschooling since I’ve been using Jean’s guide. It helped to bring things down to earth for me. Not only do I recommend it to anyone, especially those just starting out, but I’d say it is a Go To Treasure."

~ Christine D.

"This is a wonderful concise guide to help you on your way with grades 1-8. With tools for planning, scheduling, running your home, circle time, verses, and also the low down on what to cover for each grade. There is so much. It helped me gain an overview and insight into what is good to include in my routine and homeschooling."

~ Dawn W.

"I was finally able to see a clear and simple plan for the future of our homeschool, that will take us all the way through! All of my anxiety and confusion about which resources to use melted away, and I was able to see the beauty and joy again. This guide just helps make homeschooling so doable and approachable. I can’t thank Jean enough! This is a must have."

~ Angela C.

Sure… you COULD create and uphold homeschool simplicity on your own without these resources I’m offering you.

You could…  You could learn about simplicity, homeschooling, rhythm, planning, the arts, child development, how to create change, and wonderful themes and books to bring to your children…   

You could develop a sustainable healthy mindset without any investments whatsoever.  

I’m trusting you could do that! Absolutely. 

But honestly, I know that you would save a bucketload of time, frustration, trial and error by investing a small amount today and getting the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle.

Here’s what the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle is WORTH…

But you get it for much less!

  • How to Bring it All Together Training ~ $57

  • Homeschool Simplicity Ebook ~ $47

  • Holistic Planning Pack ~ $27

  • Block Outlines for Grades 1-8 ~ $37

  • Minimum Viable Homeschooling Day Training ~ $17

  • Simplicity Change Process ~ $17

"I reach for Jean’s guide each year as I think about the learning year ahead. I really appreciate that the guide manages to be both simple and thorough!"

~ Nicole A.

"This guide helps me avoid the over-planning I’m prone to do. It shows me how to fit the pieces of our day together, and organizes me with practical suggestions. It helps me see the big picture by laying out simple charts for every grade level. Most importantly, Jean’s wisdom here eases my anxiety when it crops up from time to time. I have owned a variety of Waldorf guides along with the syllabus for several grades, but this guide is the most helpful of all, and the one I return to again and again." 

~ Carly S.

Happiness Guarantee

I know this bundle can give you significant insights into simplicity + homeschooling. However, if after purchase you’re not satisfied, I would be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked, within 7 days of purchase. Please just email me at and I will send you a refund!


I'm Jean, homeschooling mentor and experienced homeschool educator of three (two boys and a girl). 

We started homeschooling back in the 1990s - yup, awhile ago!

And in the past 14 years, I've helped hundreds of homeschooling parents just like you find ways to make homeschooling work for their families.

I offer online courses, coaching, digital resources, an online support community, and in-person retreats for holistic homeschoolers. Here for you!

The Homeschool Simplicity Bundle is for YOU if…

  • You’re a new, experienced, or seasoned home educator, and would love to refresh your approach.

  • You would like practical advice on how to bring it all together.

  • Open-and-go curriculums are not working for you.

  • You’ve purchased a curriculum (and maybe another) but you’re still not sure how to use it and make it work for you.

  • Simplicity resonates with you!


  • Is this a complete curriculum?

    No, this is better than a curriculum! With the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle, you will understand the foundational principles of holistic education AND you'll be able to use any resources or curriculum you already have to homeschool your children. This is the primer on homeschooling mindset and approaches which help you create a sustainable, inspiring homeschooling journey!

  • What do the Block Outlines include?

    For each grade 1-8, we include an outline of resources suggested by main lesson block subject for each month, September-May. Within each block, we list favorite sources for stories and activities. These suggestions are based on years of experience by the Art of Homeschooling Team! They are tried and true resources for each main lesson block and each grade.

  • Do you recommend a specific curriculum to go with the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle?

    No, I don't. My goal is to help you learn to put together main lesson blocks on your own with or without a curriculum. You can even decide which parts to use of the curriculum you already have. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing a curriculum package, the truth is that we end up using anywhere from 30-60% of that curriculum. And the magic lies in learning to customize a plan for our own unique family. That's what this bundle can help you do: customize what you already have or plan to buy, and make it work for you.

  • How can I access everything in the bundle?

    You’ll receive an email immediately upon purchase with a login link. All items and bonuses in the HSB will be accessible immediately! You are free to download and/or print all of the PDFs. You can also access your Bundle anytime by going to where you’ll see the bundle inside your Dashboard. You have lifetime access to everything in the bundle.

Homeschool Simplicity Bundle

Here’s what you can get today:

How to Bring it All Together Training $57
Your first stop to learn the ins and outs of simplicity in the homeschool setting. 

Homeschool Simplicity Ebook $47

A 32-page comprehensive guide in mindset, methods, and modalities which carry the homeschool parent through homeschooling years with peace of mind!

Holistic Planning Pack $27

Gorgeous practical flexible templates for all homeschool occasions and uses!

Block Outlines for Grades 1-8 $37

Experienced guidance of what to bring, and when, for grades 1 - 8. 

Minimum Viable Homeschooling Day Training $17

What to do when life gets life-y, and the 20-20-20 rule method for a great simple homeschool day.

Simplicity Change Process $17

Awareness-raising exercise and insights, to help implement doable changes in your home.

All for $202 >> $47!

Trust your intuition on this. If the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle is speaking to you ~ please grab it.