Ready to simplify your homeschooling plans?

Check out this beautiful, practical, flexible planning pack.

Featuring 14 printable pdfs in full color, and 14 editable google docs. Discover all the essential homeschool planning templates you need for a well-rounded & inspired homeschool year.

The Holistic Planning Pack for Homeschoolers includes:

  • A 2023/2024 Academic Year Calendar
  • 4 Big Picture Plans to choose from (for noting your festivals, holidays, blocks, etc.)
  • A Block Overview template for brainstorming stories and the arts you want to bring for a block
  • A Block Lessons template to note final details
  • Weekly Rhythm Chart (in horizontal and vertical formats)
  • Weekly Lessons (in horizontal and vertical formats)
  • A “Learning That Happened This Week” note-taking sheet (for when the plan goes haywire, but learning still happens!)
  • Notes & Reflections sheets
  • Weekend Journal Pages to prepare you for the upcoming week 
  • ALL of the above templates are available as EDITABLE Google docs (make a copy of the original and it's yours!)
  • Tips & Instructions for using each template

This planning pack offers beautiful seasonal and Waldorf-inspired rhythms throughout, inner work support, and many ways to customize your planning to suit your family's unique needs.

Everything is ready to go ~ print what you want, edit what you need, and enjoy a well-rounded, holistic homeschool year! 

Homeschool Simplicity

NOTE: The Holistic Planning Pack is included as a BONUS in the Homeschool Simplicity Bundle. To see what else is included in the Bundle, click below.

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