How will you balance rest, homeschool planning + fun over the summer months?

Summertime comes.  And summertime goes!

Meanwhile, we have the power to make of it what we would like.

Is this you?

  • Kind of wishing the homeschool year was over already
  • Slacking on finishing up those last lessons, wondering about pushing them out to the summer months
  • Not so sure if your summer plans will replenish YOUR spirit
  • Feeling like planning for the next homeschool year is a daunting task
  • Devoted to your family values, and at the same time curious how to live with more simplicity, connection, and ease
  • Doing great but would love more self-care

If you can relate to any of the above, the Summer Reset is for you!


The Summer Reset is FIVE DAYS of...

GATHERING your children's work

CELEBRATING the year you've just finished

REJUVENATING with self-care for a fresh start

CREATING space & a process for planning next year

RECEIVING support & inspiration from homeschoolers like you


We'll meet Monday-Friday the week of May 23-27.

Each morning, you'll receive an email with that day's activity. Then at 1pm EDT, we'll meet on Zoom for sharing and support. Replays available. 

Additional conversations will happen in our private Facebook group.

Each day, we'll focus on one step in the reset process:

Day One: Gather

Day Two: Celebrate

Day Three: Rejuvenate

Day Four: Create

Day Five: Connect


If you're already a member of Inspired at Home, this Summer Reset is part of your membership!


Here's how the Summer Reset has impacted homeschooling parents...

~ "We needed to see all we've done and all the GOOD things."

~ "It was a bonding experience to go back and look at the fruits of our labor."

~ "I love this methodical way of wrapping up one year and preparing for the next."

~ "Thank you Jean! You are so awesome at what you do and my heart feels lighter already!"

~ "The Summer Reset helps me feel proud of the year we lived and supports me to plan out a good summer for my family!"

"Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August."

—Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Hi, I'm Jean!

Hey there, I’m Jean Miller, founder and mentor at Art of Homeschooling.

I homeschooled my children for 25+ years, and now - they are all grown up!

But I will tell you, every year in May, I’d start to feel so excited for a summer break.

Until I’d remember how much planning there was to do!

When I discovered how to celebrate the year we were wrapping up while creating space to both plan and have some summer fun, everything changed for my family.

I love sharing this process! 

And helping homeschoolers design a homeschooling life they love! 🦋