Let's get ready for the new homeschool year...


Get the Workshop for $11

This 90-minute focus session will help you feel GREAT about your upcoming homeschool year.

Get my best advice for creating your rhythm, mindset, and setting up your homeschool space.

This is a work-along workshop so you'll be taking action in Making the Space & Setting the Pace for YOUR unique homeschool.

This workshop is for you IF:

✨ You're not quite ready for your homeschool year to start and need a boost in focus + good vibes

✨ You feel a bit lost and need a jumpstart for your new year

✨ You're curious and want to learn more about homeschool mindset, rhythm, and the art of being a home educator

✨ You thrive in community, connection, and celebration of the big and small things

Get the Workshop for $11

This was a live event on August 26th.
Replay available thru Sept 10th.


NOTE: This workshop is free for all Inspired at Home members.


Here's what you get in this workshop:

  • Replay of 90-minute workshop (available through Sept 10) 🖥️

  • Weekly & Daily Rhythm Chart from the Holistic Planning Pack 📃

  • Set-Up Tips from Inspired at Home masterclasses 🧺

  • Walk away feeling empowered and inspired ~ ready for your next step✨

Hi, I'm Jean!

Hey there, I’m Jean Miller, founder and mentor at Art of Homeschooling.

I homeschooled my three children for 25+ years ~ and now ~ they're all grown up!

Every year in August, I’d wish summer could last just a little longer.

Because I was never ready to begin a new homeschooling year yet!

The truth is, I felt kind of alone.

That's one of the reasons I started the Art of Homeschooling ~ to help homeschooling parents like you feel connected to a community.

I love leading group coaching calls on Zoom where we have time for me to teach practical strategies, time for sharing, and time for getting things done

Come join me and a group of homeschoolers from all over the world! 🦋