Join Jean & Alison for a Fireside Chat...

Pull on some warm comfy socks...

Pour yourself a cup of hot tea or cider...

Settle into your favorite chair with your coziest blanket...

And draw up close to a crackling fire (a flickering candle flame will also do!)...

to explore what's possible when you let just ONE story guide your homeschool block or unit of study!

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Discover the Book Hearth Approach...

The Book Hearth approach  is a unique, comprehensive way to bringing stories and lessons to your children or students. 

We have found that many homeschool families (including our own!) greatly appreciate the simplicity of centering learning around just one book for one block. 

This is the Book Hearth - and we want to show you how to do it!

You literally pick a single book for the whole family and build main lesson work around that story, while delivering the lessons in an individual way to each child.

This approach kindles conversations and ignites experiences to savor long after the last page has been turned.

The Book Hearth approach is built on 5 anchor points:

  • Story
  • Self
  • Senses
  • Strengths
  • Sharing

When you intentionally integrate these anchor points into your teaching, your students will gain knowledge, build academic and life skills, and take part in memorable learning experiences.

“We used a Book Hearth Guide alongside a block on genealogy. Both of my kids (ages 11 and 14) said this was their favorite block of the year! Jean and Alison have many ideas and options for activities to go along with the book as well as detailed reflection questions to use alongside the book. You choose which activities suit you best. I highly recommend these Book Hearth Guides. They help me to infuse new energy into my lessons.”

Rebecca, mother of four

Registration is Now Closed for Fall 2022

Look for our next Book Hearth workshops in February 2023.


Book Hearth Guides Bundle ~ you'll be able to purchase a set of Book Hearth Guides from past workshops so you can bring lessons to your family designed around one delicious book.

Fall 2022 Workshops

Sunday October 23rd ~ 2:00pm & 4:30pm EDT

Fall is in the air! And we have curated the perfect Book Hearth stories and experiences to not only help you more fully step into the magical mood of this season, but to also prepare you to work deeply and well with these stories in your homeschool.

Grades 1-4 (Oct 23rd 2:00-3:30pm EDT)

For children in Grades 1-4, our fall Book Hearth selection is the enchanting Heartwood Hotel:  A True Home (Book 1) by Kallie George. This charming story ~  about a small mouse named Mona who finds refuge in a quirky hotel for animals hidden deep in the Fernwood Forest ~ will captivate young children (and their parents!) from the get go. Moss-covered beds, acorn cups of honey tea, and walnut-shell lanterns await your arrival!

Grades 5-8 (Oct 23rd 4:30-6:00pm EDT)

For children in Grades 5-8, we have chosen the classic The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. This young adult novel takes us into the harsh and spooky world of Puritan New England in the years immediately preceding the Salem Witch Trials. This story is infused with compelling historical details and coming of age themes, as well as seasonal references to Halloween and Thanksgiving, making it the perfect fall pick for your older student. 

We're Passionate About Education and BOOKS...

Hi, I'm Jean Miller! As the homeschooling mother of three now-grown children, I've loved sharing stories in so many ways through the years – reading, telling, and dramatizing stories. In my close to 25 years of homeschooling, I've savored the stories as the vehicle for teaching new content ~ while integrating language arts and history ~ and all the creative ways of combining stories with the lively arts. In our homeschool, we also loved spending time outdoors and having fun with circles of song, poetry, and movement. These days, I spend my time mentoring homeschooling parents at Art of Homeschooling.

Hi, I'm Alison Manzer! Waldorf-inspired homeschooling, and working together with Jean, have been a very big part of my life for many years. Our collaborations and friendship continue to guide and inspire me as an educator. Our workshops focus on one of our very favorite things ~ books ~ and how to use them as "main lesson containers." Most recently, I've taught yoga at Fusion Academy, an alternative high school, where I've also taught English and History. Currently, I serve as the president of the Little Angels Service Team, a non-profit whose mission is to change lives through the power of education by supporting struggling students and teachers in rural India. My passion for India's people and culture was kindled during the years I homeschooled my three grown sons, especially with the ancient India main lesson block in 5th grade!

Together, we have taught children of all levels, from preschool to high school. We've worked together for 15 years at the annual Taproot Teacher Training for homeschooling parents and alternative educators. 

Over the years, we’ve presented numerous workshops where we not only talk with teachers and parents about how to “start with stories” in their own teaching, but also encourage them to experience firsthand the power that stories have to drive learning. 

Parents and teachers have often told us that these workshops were game changers for them, and that they left feeling prepared to teach their children with more ease, improved outcomes, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Each Workshop Includes...

  • A 90-Minute Live Call (plus the replay)
    We share our unquenchable love of books, years of homeschooling experience, and a devotion to creating simple, inspiring, and doable main lessons for multiple grades centered around just ONE book.

  • A Book Hearth Guide
    This guide is chock full of multi-grade teaching tips for bringing this season’s Book Hearth to life for your student. Each guide explains our Just One Book approach in more detail, highlights themes in the stories that are sure to resonate developmentally with each child, and provides joyful, multi-sensory ideas for experiencing the story through the lively arts. Yes, you can create a terrific main lesson plan for multiple ages around a single book!

  • Time carved out just for you to pause and...
    To exhale. To experience the power of a good story that reaches the Head, Heart, and Hands. We will reflect, journal, and enjoy a hands-on activity and some seasonal treats together. Explore the story and what it might hold for you, personally.  So that you, in turn, will be able to keep the love of learning burning brightly in your home throughout this season.

To Be Noted... 😉

  1.  We will host Book Hearth workshops once a season in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

  2.  It is not at all required to read the books ahead of time, but if you feel inspired or just curious and want to read them beforehand, we encourage you to do so!

  3. Registered participants will receive a welcome email, access to our learning hub, and a supply list along with tea and treat suggestions for each workshop. 🍵 🍪

  4. We love you and hope you'll join us!